Portable Winches

Our Porta-Pull winch system is probably our most versatile winch system.

The  2680kg (6,000lb) Porta-Pull was developed initially for launching boats and jet-ski’s, but it’s just as useful for moving larger trailers or caravans. The larger 4240kg (9,500lb) Porta-Pull2 is designed for heavier uses, such as self-recovery or vehicle recovery lorries.

The main benefit of this system over a fixed vehicle mounted winch is that it can be used on both the front and the back of your vehicle if you have a tow hitch fitted at both ends. These systems either simply dropped on to a tow ball or used with a ring hitch or even a NATO hitch.

Porta-Pull can be safely and securely stowed in the vehicle. Using it is simply a case of grabbing the winch, dropping it on the tow hitch, sliding in the security pin and snapping the quick-connect plug into the supply cable plug. The remote control means that you can always be in the right position to oversee the winching. The long wire rope is long enough to reach an anchor point or to lower trailers down slipways etc. The winch is free to rotate on the ball so it will always face the direction of the pull, so there is no risk of the rope bunching up at one end of the drum as with fixed winches.

The Porta-Pull systems are supplied ready to fit. The supply cables can be supplied with either heavy duty crocodile clips for connecting straight on to a battery, or with ring terminals to permanently connect the supply cables for regualr use.

They are also available as 24volt versions.


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Porta-Pull 6000 12v Winch System with Synthetic Rope

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