Shock Absorbers

We supply Pro-Comp, Terra Firma, Koni, Old Man Emu and Tuff-Back Shock Absorbers. 
All are proven quality shocks that will provide long reliable service.
The purpose of a vehicle's suspension system is to support the weight of the vehicle and absorb impacts while maximising the tyre's contact with the ground, maintaining stability and control. When using a Land Rover off road the limits of the standard suspension are quickly realised when the lack of wheel travel affects traction and ultimately the vehicle's ability to maintain forward motion.

The added benefits of long travel suspension are exponential. Taller suspension allows larger tyres to be fitted as well as allowing greater suspension movement. Long travel suspension will also increase approach, departure and ramp over angles allowing your Land Rover to climb larger obstacles.
Most importantly the extra travel will keep more weight where it needs to be, on the tyres as the suspension follows the terrain for better traction.