Gearbox-Driven Drive Systems

Gearbox Power Take-Off systems have been fitted to Land Rovers right from the earliest days. Initially these were simple mechanical drives that went to the back of the vehicle to power agricultural implements. More sophisticated systems became available to power equipment at the front of the vehicle. As demand grew, hydraulic and compressed air services were also available. So gearbox PTO's are not a new idea.
However these early systems were quite crude, heavy and expensive. For today's vehicles we have developed a lightweight simple power take off assembly that does not take up much space and is cost-effective and most importantly 100% reliable.


The Standard PTO Unit                               The Advanced 55cc PTO & Pump in situ
Powering a hydraulic winch from the gearbox opens up a whole new world to you and your vehicle. The power and reliability have to be experienced to be believed. You will no longer winching with your fingers crossed that the winch will pull you out before it overheats, or that it will have enough power. With a PTO powered winch you can winch all day with complete confidence, and all at tickover with as much electrical equipment running at the same time as you require, no double batteries, no split charge relays, no worries about water getting into the winch. A PTO powered hydraulic winch system really is 'fit-and-forget. It just supplies constant sustained pulling-power. If you are concerned about keeping your vehicle standard-looking, the control knob in the cab is the only visible evidence that you have a PTO fitted.

The in-cab control knob, the only evidence you have a PTO fitted
Our PTO's are available in three types and can be purchased as part of a complete winch system or on their own so that you can build your own system. You may want it to run other equipment as well or instead of a winch.
The Standard PTO is designed for Group 2 hydraulic pumps up to 26cc.This is ideal for most appications including recreational off-road work, winch challenge vehicles, forestry or light industrial applications.
The Advanced PTO is for Group 3 pumps up to 55cc, but this is for applicatiosn that need a higher flow rate than the 26cc system.
The Commercial PTO is designed for regular and long periods of use or is for applications that need a higher flow rate than the 26cc system.. It has a cable control which is operated from the driver's seat.

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