Hydraulic Drive Parts

Hydraulic Drive Systems from First Four .......
We offer the widest choice of hydraulic winch drive-systems available for Land Rover vehicles. These systems are not just ideal for driving winches, but they are also a useful power source for driving machinery such as forestry or industrial machines or for a tipping trailer or crane.
Your choice depends on the level of performance you need to your winch or other hydraulic equipment. The two critical factors governing hydraulic performance are pressure and flow-rate. For instance, when driving a winch, the pressure dictates the pulling power, and the flow-rate governs line speed. All our drive systems provide high pressures to provide plenty of power, but there are a choice of systems for different flow rates. These systems are either engine or gearbox driven.
There is either a gearbox-driven pump with a power-take-off assembly fitted to the the back of the LT230 transfer box, or a choice of engine driven pump and clutch systems.
The gearbox PTO system is applicable to Defenders with any engine fitted. The engine driven pump system will fit all vehicles with either the 200 or 300 Tdi engine, provided it does not have air-conditioning, as the hydraulic pump is located where the air-con pump would be. Hydraulic pumps are available in a variety of sizes.