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Superwinch LogoSuperwinch is one of the world's leading manufacturers of winches for off-road vehicles, including all makes and models of Land Rover Defender, Series, Discovery, Freelander and Range Rover. For over 45 years, Superwinch have been unrivalled in their level of technical engineering, building and testing of winches for recreation, industrial and military use.

We are pleased to offer 3 of the best ranges of Superwinch on the market -- Talon, Tiger Shark and Husky. We can also offer a wide range of parts and accessories for all models of Superwinch in our parts store.

And remember - as an independent winch stockist we can offer unbiased advice on which winch is best for your vehicle. If you are unsure of which Superwinch is best for you, do not hesitate to contact us today on 01404 891121 or [email protected].

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Superwinch Maintenance

It is important to inspect your Superwinch after each use to ensure that it is still in good workable condition. Superwinches are designed to stand the test of time, but good maintenence is key to making sure that you get the absolute most from them.

The main thing to remember is to check your winch rope after each use. If your rope exhibits any signs of fraying or has kinks in it, then it is time to get it replaced! Kinking and fraying could have serious side-effects for both the winch and the payload if not attended to straight away.

The next step is to check periodically for contaminents on the winch housing, rope and switch control. If you are operating your winch in offroad conditions, this is particaularly important to ensure that the winch does not get stuck or blocked when running. Dirt and debris can be cleaned off the winch using a damp cloth. Using a light oil on the rope and winch hook can also help to stave off rust.

Check the winch hook regularly to ensure that the pin and the hook itself are not rusted or wearing. If the pin has signs of wear, you may want to consider replacing it to ensure that it does not shear or break.

For all repairs, please take your vehice to a qualified Superwinch repair centre. For additional user guides and technical information, please visit the official Superwinch website.

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