Lightforce 240mm XGT Driving Light

Lightforce 240mm XGT Driving Light

The XGT with its Xenophot bulb is arguably the best value high performance light available.

The 240 XGT is built on the award winning HID type housing and mounting system incorporating a 12V Xenophot 100 watt bulb. Without doubt Lightforce's most popular light and for good reason! The combination of inherent mechanical strength and powerful output have made this the choice for off-road racers and the hardcore enthusiast worldwide.

- Ideal long distance performance light
- 12V (GL02) 100 watt Xenophot 2000 hour bulb
- LIGHT OUTPUT (12V) | 730 000 candela | 1 lux @ 900 m
- Lightweight polycarbonate, glass filled nylon composite construction
- Best value for OFF-ROAD motor sport or hardcore enthusiast
- Partner with a set of 170 STRIKERS for ideal spread and scorching distance
- Gore-tex breather (IP57/67/68/IP69K) to protect against moisture /contaminant ingress
- Optional billet focal ring to increase beam width
- CLEAR SPOT clip-on polycarbonate filter supplied | Others available
- WEIGHT (single unit) 1.37 kg | 3lb .32oz
- 265mm x 247mm x 175mm (HxWxD)
- Wiring harness sold separately

NB These lights are sold individually (not in pairs)

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