140mm filters and covers

140mm filters and covers

Lightforce lights can be fitted with special purpose lens filters. These filters are constructed of polycarbonate for shatterproof performance and added functionality. The TWO SECOND INSTALLATION requires no tools. Carry an assortment of lightweight filters to meet any anticipated need. This unique filter system increases the versatility of the most powerful lights in the world per weight and power.

Filter Colour Options:
Clear- Replacement Standard Filters
Yellow- Fog, Silt, Haze, Dust
Amber- Off-Road, Silt, Haze, Dust
Snow Blue- Snow, Rain, Sea Spray
Crystal Blue- Increased Clarity

SPOT: Every light is supplied with a CLEAR SPOT filter. This allows maximum distance and via various colors allows you to quickly change to suit driving conditions.

WIDE: The WIDE angle maximises the beam spread giving broad peripheral vision. This enables you to see potential hazards and enhances your driving safety and performance.

COVER: Protect your Lightforce lights with this solid black protective cover

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