Underbody Guards Land Rover Fitting Guide

Protect your Defender’s underbelly with armour for rough off-roading. Martin Domoney of Land Rover Owners magazine explains how...

If you plan to use your Land Rover on rough terrain where rocks and other solid obstructions are present, it’s a good idea to invest in some extra protection. Bashing the weak differential casing on a stump or boulder can not only end your day out prematurely, but also result in an expensive repair bill.

We’re going to fit a wraparound front diff guard, allowing the axle to slide up and over obstacles due to its ramp-like design. Coupled with a reinforcing bash plate for the already tough rear Salisbury axle’s cover, they should give a sufficient level of protection for most off-road scenarios. At each end of the vehicle lie other vulnerable areas, with the steering arms and damper particularly exposed.

Fitting First Four Offroad's sleek, powder-coated 8mm thick Shadow steering guard will ward off damage. This well-designed guard fits tightly under the front bumper's edge, whether a standard or aftermarket part is fitted. The guard itself is extremely sturdy and surprisingly light. Finally, the fuel tank behind the rear axle is already afforded some protection in the form of a hefty adjustable towbar – but the tank itself is made of relatively thin steel.

A 4mm galvanised steel tank guard mounts on the original attachment points, and is capable of deflecting far more than the flimsy standard cradle, if it’s even fitted.

This article originally appeared in Land Rover Owners Magazine and has been reproduced with permission. Article is written by Land Rover expert Martin Domoney.

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