South West Challenge

Sunday saw the first outing for Ian's newly built winch challenge truck, and he was very pleased to achieve 2nd place overall, very good for the truck's frist event.

The Whitbread-based buggy is fitted with a 300 Tdi engine and auto gearbox. The vehicle spec includes ARB locking differentials front and rear, and RED Trydent winches. The hydraulic system is driven direct by a crank-driven pump and has a flow rate of 26 litres per minute to keep the Trydent's working as they should. There is also a TDS centre winch for when things get really tricky, or to right the vehicle should it roll over.

In addition to the ARB locking diffs, traction is maintained by the Simex Extreme Trekker tyres. The conditions were very difficult on Sunday due to the heavy rain the night before the event. Centred on a steep-sided woodland, thge site had some very difficult sections to negotiate to reach some challenging 'punch' locations.

The truck performed almost faultlessly during the event, with the exception of a slightly raised engine coolant temperature, and an issue with the front winch which needs some investigation.

We'll post some more updates later.


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