Shadow Land Rover Accessories

Did you know we have our own brand of Land Rover Accessories? It is our aim to provide products that perform to the highest standards possible, whilst complimenting the aesthetics of your vehicle. It's also important for us that our products are an achievable price.

We understand that for many, official Land Rover accessories may seem expensive, but they have the history, reputation and vast amount of loyal followers to allow them to charge these prices. We also have history, with over 30 years of Land Rover knowledge and our reputation and following is growing steadily with our products available and in use Worldwide.

Land Rover Accessories - Manufactured In The UK!

We are proud that the SHADOW range of Land Rover accessories are designed and manufactured here in the UK. The manufacturing processes combine the latest design technology with the best materials and modern production processes with the experience and skills of hand-built welding and finishing techniques. This ensures our products can be depended upon to perform reliably in the harshest conditions.

We realise that success grows from the satisfaction of our customers, and that is our guiding objective. You only have to read our reviews to know that you will receive, often suprising, levels of customer service and with our experience and expertise we're here to help and assist, whether you're new to Land Rovers or an experienced mechanic.

You can search for all our Shadow Land Rover accessories here but we've included some of our most popular below:

SHADOW Discovery 2 Steering Guard - Galvanized: £114.16 (incl. Tax)

"A Work of Art - I bought the heavy-duty non-winch bumper a few months ago and bought the steering guard to go with this. I am absolutely amazed at the quality of these components and how easy they are to fit...."

"Well made product - Today we fitted the new bumper and this steering guard. These products are really well made and everything fitted perfectly. And it looks great on the car."

"Absolutely fantastic looking and great item - The guard is strong, easy to assemble and looks absolutely fantastic. I've got it mounted with a tubular bumper and WITH ACE still installed. I was worried it would interfere with the ACE ram, but it clears it by just under a centimetre..."

Shadow Defender 110 Rear Corner Protectors - Pair: £135.96 (Incl. Tax)

"I'm very happy with this nicely welded rugged corner-bumpers. They've been very fast delivered and are easy to install and correspond with the Mantec spare-wheel-carrier."

"Excellent - I have used FF rock sliders in the past and they were extremly well made, just like the corner protectors, heavy duty, well made and fit easily at a great price."

"Nice product! Perfect ordering process and shipping to a non EU country!"

"Very Happy - The quality of the parts are magnificent and the tracking and prompt delivery to remote SW Tasmania can only be described as amazing."

Shadow Heavy Duty Bumper for Discovery 2 with Fog Lights: £444 (Incl. tax)

"Excellent service - Fits perfectly"

"Excellent transaction - Purchased this bumper from here in the USA and the transaction was seamless. It arrived quickly, well packaged and bolted right on with ease. Love the look of this bumper and am glad I chose it over the over offerings. Very well made."

"Great, well made bumper - Shipping and customer service was very swift. Today we mounted the bumper together with the steering guard. Really well made, it all fitted perfectly. My car looks great with this bumper."

"A dream bumper - A well manufactured bumper and a great finish the design is so well thought out ,I really do recommend it."

"Perfect replacement - Get only positive comments here in NZ about this bar. Mounts easily, rugged and looks great... the jacking and towing points are spot on too. Fog lights work great too. Super Pleased! Now wish there was similar one for my P38!!"

Shadow Defender 110 Tree Sliders Black (pair): £383.40 (Incl. tax)

"Easy to install and they looking amazing!"

"Great stuff - Really easy to install. The online instructions where great. They look amazing!"



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