Project Discovery 1 Sills

Our project 300 Disco Commercial has been in the workshop this week for some radical surgery.

We knew when we got it that the sills had seen better days, but the rest of the usual Discovery rust areas were remarkably good. So, as the MOT was looming we thought we had better bite the bullet and fit new sills. For some reason the boot floors seem to stay better preserved on the Commercials. It could be due to the fact that there are no side windows to leak.

On investigation, the drivers side sill was much worse than the passenger side for some reason, often it can be the other way around. But anyway, we decided to replace the inner and outer sills on both sides along with the end closures and fit some A and B post repair panels too whilst we were at it.

The B posts are more difficult to access on the 3 door and Commmercial Disco's. To gain better access we removed the side rubbing strip and cut the lower section of the body away. This means you cab get full access to the B post and the inner body skin, which as it happened was badly rusted on one side. After the job was finished the skin was tig welded back on and the panel was re-sprayed. The welded joint was out of sight when the rubbing strip was replaced

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