Summer is here! We think... With it comes the long sunny days and the cool late evenings. Beautiful sunsets are a must in this weather, so why not enjoy them whilst relaxing under your very own awning?

A picnic with the family? Fishing trip by the lake? A few quiet beers with friends? Even a camping trip. How ever you plan to use your Land Rover or 4x4 this summer, the diverse ARB Vehicle Awning range can provide you with shelter when you need it most.

ARB vehicle awnings The ARB Awning is one of the most popular vehicle awnings on the market - and for good reason. Its solid construction, high quality materials and competitive price point mean that it is ideally placed for casual off roaders whilst not alienating the more hardcore of Land Rover users.

The awning has a robust aluminium frame which can attach to almost any Land Rover or 4x4 vehicle - usually connecting to a roof rack or roof bar for an extra secure fix.

It’s all in the setup...

ARB claim that the awning can be deployed in 30 seconds, but we think you would need a small army to deploy it that quickly - in our testing, the set-up times were around 3-4 minutes for 2 people, or around 5-6 minutes for a single person

Whilst this is not as quick as some specialised systems, it is by no means slow! Set-up is also designed to be as easy as possible. Just fold out the aluminium side arms, unroll the awning and attach the velcro straps for a free-standing awning. If you are planning to take on the elements, there are also guy ropes and pegs to keep the legs secure.

The best part? This all folds up tidily in to a heavy-duty PVC zip bag.

The materials...

ARB Awnings have been designed for the outback, so they are rugged, tough and durable. The frame is made from anodised aluminium meaning it is strong, but needs to be reinforced with guy ropes if you are going somewhere windy. The awning itself is made from 300gsm waterproof PU polyester which has a UVP 50+ rating - making it ideal for all weather conditions.

SARB vehicle awning wall setizes, shapes and accessories...

ARB Awnings come in 3 standard widths: 1.25m, 2m and 2.5 metres - all with a 2-metre projection from the vehicle. It is also modular, with a range of accessories including side walls, mosquito nets and windbreakers. This means that whether you are going for a family picnic by the lake or a weekend camping trip, you can get an awning that is right for you.

In summary...

ARB Awnings are a fantastic middle of the market accessory that will suit most Land Rover and 4x4 owners that like to go on the occasional adventure. Hardcore off-roaders battling the elements and going on longer trips may want to go for a more robust solution.

The telescopic feet allow for height adjustments and the materials are strong and wearable. The range of accessories means it is good for almost any use, whether it be as shade in the sun or as a hut for camping.

Check out our range of ARB Awnings.

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