Discovery Project. New springs & shocks

We had a chance to carry out some more work on the project Discovery Commercial yesterday. It was time to turn attention to new springs and shocks, stainless steel de-cat and exhaust system with a few other bits and pieces along the way. We changed all the metal suspension hardware in the process too, so now she has galvanized turrets, spring seats and spring retainers.

As far as we know, the springs are the original ones, so it was quite 'wallowy' on the bends. We decided to go for a stiffer factory front spring on the front to cope with the extra weight of the winch & bumper, and Bearmach BA2103's on the back, these have a 20mm lift to compliment the slight lifting effect of the heavier front springs. We fitted a pair of dislocation cones on the back too.

The overall effect has transformed the ride. The car feels much more planted on the bends with the stiffer suspension, but not so hard that it's uncomfortable. One little addition on the front are Discovery 2 rubber spring isolators which help minmise vibration from the road. These can be used on the front of Defenders too. The de-cat and straight-through centre exhaust has improved the breathing, so the engine picks up much more quickly.We also took the opportunity to replace the rear mudshields and brackets with galvanized replacements.

The next job is to finish the waxoyling and carry out a few jobs on the back door, including new window seal and lock & latch assembly.

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