Defender 110 Tree Sliders Fitting Guide

Protect your Defender 110’s flanks with this tree slider upgrade. Martin Domoney of Land Rover Owners magazine explains how...

  • Tools & Kit: Basic toolkit; Pick; Tape measure; Torque wrench; Hammer; Punch; Marker pen; Drill and bits (vehicle dependent)
  • How Long? Three hours
  • How Difficult? 2/5 - Easy
  • Product: Shadow Defender 110 Tree Sliders Black (pair)
  • Safety Advice: Wear eye protection when using a drill, and when working under vehicles.

Whether you use your Land Rover off-road regularly or not, protection from damage in day to day life is not to be overlooked. While the front end is shielded by a factory fitted, steel-section bumper, the sides of Defenders aren’t so well armoured. Doors and sill panels are easily dented due to their aluminium skins, and replacement or repair of these items can prove costly.

There are two main options available when applying some side protection – rock sliders and tree sliders. Rock sliders, which replace the thin sill sections and bolt solidly to the front and rear outriggers, generally have a lower-profile design. This adds a strong base to the body of the vehicle, warding off obstacles off-road and giving a structure sturdy enough to accommodate a high-lift jack.

Tree sliders take this design and add a handy tube to the outer edge, meaning obstructions (such as rocks, car doors and, yes, trees) are kept even further at bay. They also double up as convenient steps, either for getting in and out while at the shops, or standing on to get a better view of the terrain ahead. We’re fitting a pair of First Four Offroad black powder-coated tree sliders from the company’s Shadow range of products. They have built-in jacking points, all the fixings are supplied and the tops feature grip tape, meaning even muddy boots won’t slip off. Let’s crack on!

Martin has fitted lots of different tree sliders in his time, and was happy to find that
these First Four Offroad ones didn’t require any swearing to fit. ‘The separate rear mounting
bracket makes the job a lot easier and allows more precise alignment.’

This article originally appeared in Land Rover Owners Magazine and has been reproduced with permission. Article is written by Land Rover expert Martin Domoney.

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