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Safety Tips when using a Tow Rope

Most motorists will find themselves in a bit of a pickle at some point, and the chances are you will find yourself either on a the receiving end of a breakdown or called to the aid of somebody else. A tow rope is one of the many necessities for any driver, whether you are taking your vehicle on road or off road.

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First and foremost, if you have breakdown cover, then this should always be your first port of call - most breakdown services will fix your car on the road and get you back up and running without hassle.

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High Lift Jack - 101 Uses

No one is really sure when the first high lift jack came into use, but it was certainly at least 100 years ago. What is commonly termed 'high lift' jack has also been known as the rail-road jack, implement jack, or farm jack. And for good reason, as every farm and smallholding has a use at some stage for one of these highly versatile tools.

The jacks are generally available in 4' or 5' versions and are manufactured in the United States by Bloomfield Manufacturing, who make the original High-Lift, or in Canada by the New—Form Manufacturing Co, who produce the distinctive orange Jackall version. There are also far eastern copies available in the UK but these are generally a poor quality alternative when compared to the other two mainstream producers.

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