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Discovery 2 Parts and Accessories

The Land Rover Discovery 2 was launched 22 years ago and divided opinion between Land Rover enthusiasts at the time. Billed as an everyday 4x4, rather than the more utilitarian Defender, the Disco 2 offered (among other things) more interior boot space, rear air suspension option, active cornering enhancement (ACE), and more performance from its 5 cylinder Td5 engine.

If you already own a Discovery 2, here are some of our most popular parts and accessories. If you're tempted by a Disco 2, Autocar has produced a useful buying guide with some points to consider when buying a Land Rover Discovery 2 - click here for the link. Continue reading

Land Rover Service Kits

We have service kits for a range of Land Rover models in stock.

There are two types of service kit available:

1. Our standard service kit contains quality aftermarket parts

2. Our premium service kit contains Original Equipment Manufacturer parts

You can find all service kits here, starting from just £7.20 (incl. Tax):

Each kit contains everything you need to complete your Land Rover service.

Land Rover Classic Parts From Lucas

Lucas is the oldest continually trading automotive brand in the world, and to celebrate their longstanding heritage they have produced The Authentic Classic Range. These Land Rover Classic Parts have been specifically designed to allow you to keep your classic Landy to the closest original specification, in both looks and performance.

Most of these parts are reproduced from original tooling, re-manufactured and re-engineered by trained experts following original Lucas product manuals and technical drawings. Continue reading

Avon Traction Mileage Tyres - Product Spotlight

Avon Traction Mileage tyres are available again, so there is no need to hunt around for good used ones. The Traction Mileage is a strong crossply tyre developed for serious off-road work, whilst still suited to use on the road.

Fitted as original equipment on Land Rovers, so if you are completing a restoration of a 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, or even 80’s Series Land Rover, or just want to achieve the right original appearance, these iconic tyres provide the finishing touch to create that authentic period look. Continue reading

Morris Lubricants: Keeping It British

We do our best to support British companies which is why we've been stocking Morris Lubricants' products since 2016. The company, based in Shrewsbury, dates back to 1869 and is now one of the largest privately-owned lubricant manufacturers in the world. Continue reading

Acoustic Mat Systems For Defenders and Series Land Rovers

Some people consider the noise of a Land Rover to be one of it's defining and endearing features. If you're not one of these people, then we have just the product for you! We're excited to add these Wright Offroad Acoustic Mat Systems for Defenders and Series Land Rovers to our ever-expanding range of Land Rover parts and accessories.

Designed to drastically reduce the noise entering the cabin of your Land Rover these custom fit mats are made from cast dense polyurethane and built to industrial standards for reducing noise levels often found in construction equipment. Continue reading

Front Runner Storage

Whether you use your vehicle for work, pleasure or adventures, having all your kit accessible, organised and safely stored is invaluable. Front Runner has a large range of products to help you do this.

Why chose Front Runner Storage?

Front Runner is well known for its innovative, well-engineered and hard-wearing products that are tested in the most extreme conditions. Their storage systems are no different, including durable storage boxes, space saving bags, lockable drawers and strong universal straps, all produced and tested for both on and off-road travel conditions.

Continue reading

Front Runner Roof Racks - Part 1

As one of Front Runners largest UK stockists, we are regularly adding more of their huge range of products to our website. The Front Runner Roof Rack is not only one of our most popular products, but one of the most popular on the market.

Why should I choose a Front Runner Roof Rack?

Put simply - it's the ultimate in slimline, lightweight and durable aluminium roof racks. Made from 6063 Grade aluminium, they are rust-free and extremely lightweight. They are powder coated, which means that they will not oxidize (leave a white powder) when exposed to the elements and what's more, they require only a spanner to install - with no holes needed to be drilled in order to mount. Continue reading

Defender Snorkel - Not Just For Wading

Whilst a snorkel is a must for wading above the maximum depth stated in your Land Rover’s user manual, there are also a number of benefits to your engine which can make the cost of purchase and installation much more attractive if you're not regularly immersing your vehicle in deep water. Find out more below about the Defender Snorkels and Raised Air Intakes (RAIT’s) which we offer.

Continue reading

Nuts, Bolts, Clips, Screws and Fasteners

Whilst many of our blogs focus on large changes to your vehicles to improve the aesthetics and performance, we’ve realised that we overlook the ‘essentials’ of running your vehicle; the little items that look insignificant, but are essential for the smooth running of your pride and joy. Continue reading

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