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How To Replace Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valves

Another useful video from our friends at Britpart and Land Rover Owner International for those who own a Discovery 3, Discovery 4 or Range Rover Sport - how to remove and install the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves.

We recommend watching the video closely before you start to ensure that you have the relevant tools to complete the task and consider purchasing additional clips, screws and gaskets, as per Martins suggestion in case they are required. Continue reading

How To Install A New Rear Upper Suspension Arm

In another handy video for those who own a Discovery 3, Discovery 4 or aRange Rover Sport, our friends at Britpart and Land Rover Owner show you how to remove and install a new rear upper suspension arm.

Fitting a Fuel Burning Heater & GPS Tracker

If you have a Discover 3, Discovery 4 or a Range Rover Sport - this one's for you. In another informative video from our friends at Britpart and Land Rover Owner International Martin will show you how to fit a Fuel Burning Heater & GPS Tracker.

This will allow you to warm your engine on cold mornings without the need to go outside and start your engine to defrost your vehicle. This is especially handy if your Discovery 3 refuses to start in cold temperatures due to faulty or failed heater plugs.


How To Fit New Springs & Damper to Discovery 1

Our friends at Britpart and Land Rover Owner have produced this really helpful video, explaining how to fit new springs and dampers to your Discovery 1. As Paul explains in the video, upgrading your springs can increase the ride height of your vehicle and better handle any additional weight from modifications.

You can find the products featured in the video on our website: Continue reading

Nugget Stuff - Fitting a sealed TDCi airbox

If you've ever wondered how easy it is to fit a Nugget Stuff Sealed Airbox, our friends over at Land Rover Owner Magazine recently fitted one to their LR 110 - here's what they did...

A few months ago, we addressed a fundamental flaw in the design of the post-2007 Defender’s air inlet system. We replaced the poorly sealed plastic trunking with a far superior plenum and ducting from Australian firm Nugget Stuff, coupled with a Mantec raised air intake, to aid the TDCi’s breathing. Continue reading

Wade with confidence - how to extend your Land Rovers breathers

Just in case you missed it, our friends at Land Rover Owner International featured an invaluable 'how to' guide for fitting the Nuggetstuff breather kit to extend your Land Rovers breathers.

From The Expert Martin Domoney: ‘Lots of people think that fitting a raised air intake is preparation enough for wading,’ says Martin. ‘While it’s important to protect the engine, the axles, gearboxes and fuel tank need to be taken into consideration too.’

Click here to download a high resolution PDF guide.

LRO wading with confidence



Continue reading

Air Intake System for Defender Fitting Guide

Fit a raised air intake to a TDCi. Not as simple as it seems, as Martin Domoney of Land Rover Owners magazine explains...

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Land Rover Defender Wiper Repair Guide

Defender’s wiper blades not giving you a clean sweep? Martin Domoney of Land Rover Owners magazine explains how you can fix them...

  • Tools & Kit: Socket and spanner sets, 8mm ratchet spanner, Screwdrivers, Trim tools, Side cutters, Fine file, LM Grease, Threadlock, Pliers
  • How Long? Three hours
  • How Difficult? 2/5 - Easy
  • Product(s): Defender Wiper Drive Cable 1987-2002, Defender Wiper Drive Assembly (OEM)
  • Safety Advice: Disconnect the battery before starting work. Wear eye protection when cutting the cable.

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Discovery HD Rear Bumper Fitting Guide

Replace the flimsy standard item with a heavy duty one from First Four. Martin Domoney of Land Rover Owners magazine explains how...

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Underbody Guards Land Rover Fitting Guide

Protect your Defender’s underbelly with armour for rough off-roading. Martin Domoney of Land Rover Owners magazine explains how...

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