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Front Runner Roof Racks - Part 1

As one of Front Runners largest UK stockists, we are regularly adding more of their huge range of products to our website. The Front Runner Roof Rack is not only one of our most popular products, but one of the most popular on the market.

Why should I choose a Front Runner Roof Rack?

Put simply - it's the ultimate in slimline, lightweight and durable aluminium roof racks. Made from 6063 Grade aluminium, they are rust-free and extremely lightweight. They are powder coated, which means that they will not oxidize (leave a white powder) when exposed to the elements and what's more, they require only a spanner to install - with no holes needed to be drilled in order to mount. Continue reading

Lazer LED Lights - Brand Focus

We're proud to be a stockist for Lazer Lamps Ltd, a British manufacturer at the forefront of LED technology. These guys are passionate about what they do, which is reflected in the quality and performance of their products. The Lazer range of high performance LED lights combines competition beating performance with automotive quality standard. Founded in 2010 they fly the British Flag with their UK factory handling all aspects of the product build. Continue reading

Defender Snorkel - Not Just For Wading

Whilst a snorkel is a must for wading above the maximum depth stated in your Land Rover’s user manual, there are also a number of benefits to your engine which can make the cost of purchase and installation much more attractive if you're not regularly immersing your vehicle in deep water. Find out more below about the Defender Snorkels and Raised Air Intakes (RAIT’s) which we offer.

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Defender Side Steps: Product Spotlight

Side steps are not only practical, but they can also add, or sometimes detract from the aesthetics of your vehicle. If it's something you've been considering investing in or maybe your current side steps are looking somewhat worn and sorry for themselves, here's a speedy roundup of the Defender Side Steps that we stock. Continue reading

Nuts, Bolts, Clips, Screws and Fasteners

Whilst many of our blogs focus on large changes to your vehicles to improve the aesthetics and performance, we’ve realised that we overlook the ‘essentials’ of running your vehicle; the little items that look insignificant, but are essential for the smooth running of your pride and joy. Continue reading

February Offer - Winch and Bumper Deal

If you follow us on Facebook you will have seen our post regarding our impromptu rescue of a lorry in the icy weather on Thursday morning. This got us thinking about just how invaluable it is to have a winch, even if you're not a regular off-roader. It provides the ability to get yourself out of a sticky situation or, to come to the rescue for someone else when the weather turns nasty or, maybe when someone has got into difficulty off-road with insufficient equipment to rescue themselves.

Therefore, during February, we're offering 10% off any of our Winch Bumpers when you purchase one of our most popular winches; the Terrafirma A12000 winch incorporates all the features commercial, recreational & competition off-road users would expect, including a powerful 6hp, 12v motor combined with a low noise 3 stage planetary gearbox that gives Continue reading

Land Rover Defender Seat Covers and Internal Accessories

Keep your Defender looking it’s best with our range of internal accessories designed to help prevent wear and tear to your pride and joy! 

Defender Seat Covers

Seats can take a real battering and quickly start to look dirty and discoloured - help protect them from mud, water and whatever else off-roading, dogs or kids throw at them with our range of seat covers!  Continue reading

Tow Rope and Recovery Kits

With an artic blast reportedly on the way we’ve had a rush of orders for tow ropes and recovery kits! We thought we’d provide a speedy review of our product range…

Recovery Kits

First Four Recovery Kits are invaluable during adverse weather. The kits include a Polypropylene or Nylon Tow Rope along with 1 x 19mm & 1 x 22mm tested Bow Shackles and a pair of waterproof gloves all held in a tough carry bag. This keeps it all together and ready for use when needed. Click here to take a closer look at our range of recovery kits.

Our favourite products include:

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Land Rover Discovery Bumper

In December one of our products received a review that we just couldn't ignore... we contacted the customer and asked if he was willing to send us some pictures that we could share with you all. Carl readily agreed and as you can tell from the great pictures and feedback, he obviously loves his Disco and his new Shadow bumper!

"Very Impressed!

I have waited almost 10 years to do any modifications to my disco. In that time I have researched so many front bumper options it would make you sick. I finally found what appeared to be the perfect design on an instagram picture and set out to find where to buy it. From the pictures, and descriptions I couldn’t Quite tell if the high jack points were just hollow holes or actually filled in tubular steal. There were two on each side, which was a determining factor over other bumpers. Continue reading

Defender LED Headlights

We wrote a blog in May 2017 entitled 'LED Headlights: Why You Should Convert Today' and it appears many of you took our advice, as one of our bestselling products of 2018 has been the Defender Wipac LED lights.

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