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If you’re looking to take your vehicle touring this summer here are a few of our products that could help to make your trip that little bit more enjoyable…

front-runner-expander-chairFront Runner Expander Chair

A chair that folds down to the size of a laptop case…. yup, that’s right! Innovative and most importantly, comfortable, the Front Runner Expander Chair is a must have if your vehicle is already packed to the rafters but you don’t want to forgo comfort when you reach your destination.

At 4kg it’s not the lightest but with a steel frame this is to be expected and adds to the durability of the product. It even has a cup holder and handy storage pockets.
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PRODUCT SPOTLIGHT: Range Rover Sport Glohh GL-3 Dynamic Tail Lights

If you’re looking to upgrade and modernise your Range Rover Sport there is one product which cannot be overlooked.

Range Rover Sport GL-3 Dynamic Tail Lights Launched in January 2014, the Glohh GL-3 Dynamic Tail Light is a stunning piece of kit that will completely transform the look of your ageing vehicle with the click of a cable in just 15 minutes (apparently!). Continue reading


Summer is here! We think... With it comes the long sunny days and the cool late evenings. Beautiful sunsets are a must in this weather, so why not enjoy them whilst relaxing under your very own awning?

A picnic with the family? Fishing trip by the lake? A few quiet beers with friends? Even a camping trip. How ever you plan to use your Land Rover or 4x4 this summer, the diverse ARB Vehicle Awning range can provide you with shelter when you need it most.

ARB vehicle awnings The ARB Awning is one of the most popular vehicle awnings on the market - and for good reason. Its solid construction, high quality materials and competitive price point mean that it is ideally placed for casual off roaders whilst not alienating the more hardcore of Land Rover users.

The awning has a robust aluminium frame which can attach to almost any Land Rover or 4x4 vehicle - usually connecting to a roof rack or roof bar for an extra secure fix.

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Safety Tips when using a Tow Rope

Most motorists will find themselves in a bit of a pickle at some point, and the chances are you will find yourself either on a the receiving end of a breakdown or called to the aid of somebody else. A tow rope is one of the many necessities for any driver, whether you are taking your vehicle on road or off road.

Click here to see our selection of tow ropes.

First and foremost, if you have breakdown cover, then this should always be your first port of call - most breakdown services will fix your car on the road and get you back up and running without hassle.

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Air Intake System for Defender Fitting Guide

Fit a raised air intake to a TDCi. Not as simple as it seems, as Martin Domoney of Land Rover Owners magazine explains...

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Land Rover Defender Wiper Repair Guide

Defender’s wiper blades not giving you a clean sweep? Martin Domoney of Land Rover Owners magazine explains how you can fix them...

  • Tools & Kit: Socket and spanner sets, 8mm ratchet spanner, Screwdrivers, Trim tools, Side cutters, Fine file, LM Grease, Threadlock, Pliers
  • How Long? Three hours
  • How Difficult? 2/5 - Easy
  • Product(s): Defender Wiper Drive Cable 1987-2002, Defender Wiper Drive Assembly (OEM)
  • Safety Advice: Disconnect the battery before starting work. Wear eye protection when cutting the cable.

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LED Headlights: Why You Should Convert Today

LED Headlights are fast becoming the go-to replacement for Land Rover Defender owners all over the world. Once a more expensive luxury, LED Headlights are now an affordable and more cost-effective solution than some cheaper, less-effective bulbs.

Let's have a look at why you should switch to LED Headlights today.

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Discovery HD Rear Bumper Fitting Guide

Replace the flimsy standard item with a heavy duty one from First Four. Martin Domoney of Land Rover Owners magazine explains how...

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Underbody Guards Land Rover Fitting Guide

Protect your Defender’s underbelly with armour for rough off-roading. Martin Domoney of Land Rover Owners magazine explains how...

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Defender 110 Tree Sliders Fitting Guide

Protect your Defender 110’s flanks with this tree slider upgrade. Martin Domoney of Land Rover Owners magazine explains how...

  • Tools & Kit: Basic toolkit; Pick; Tape measure; Torque wrench; Hammer; Punch; Marker pen; Drill and bits (vehicle dependent)
  • How Long? Three hours
  • How Difficult? 2/5 - Easy
  • Product: Shadow Defender 110 Tree Sliders Black (pair)
  • Safety Advice: Wear eye protection when using a drill, and when working under vehicles.

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