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Safety Tips when using a Tow Rope

Most motorists will find themselves in a bit of a pickle at some point, and the chances are you will find yourself either on a the receiving end of a breakdown or called to the aid of somebody else. A tow rope is one of the many necessities for any driver, whether you are taking your vehicle on road or off road.

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First and foremost, if you have breakdown cover, then this should always be your first port of call - most breakdown services will fix your car on the road and get you back up and running without hassle.

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Air Intake System for Defender Fitting Guide

Fit a raised air intake to a TDCi. Not as simple as it seems, as Martin Domoney of Land Rover Owners magazine explains...

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Land Rover Defender Wiper Repair Guide

Defender’s wiper blades not giving you a clean sweep? Martin Domoney of Land Rover Owners magazine explains how you can fix them...

  • Tools & Kit: Socket and spanner sets, 8mm ratchet spanner, Screwdrivers, Trim tools, Side cutters, Fine file, LM Grease, Threadlock, Pliers
  • How Long? Three hours
  • How Difficult? 2/5 - Easy
  • Product(s): Defender Wiper Drive Cable 1987-2002, Defender Wiper Drive Assembly (OEM)
  • Safety Advice: Disconnect the battery before starting work. Wear eye protection when cutting the cable.

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LED Headlights: Why You Should Convert Today

LED Headlights are fast becoming the go-to replacement for Land Rover Defender owners all over the world. Once a more expensive luxury, LED Headlights are now an affordable and more cost-effective solution than some cheaper, less-effective bulbs.

Let's have a look at why you should switch to LED Headlights today.

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Discovery HD Rear Bumper Fitting Guide

Replace the flimsy standard item with a heavy duty one from First Four. Martin Domoney of Land Rover Owners magazine explains how...

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Underbody Guards Land Rover Fitting Guide

Protect your Defender’s underbelly with armour for rough off-roading. Martin Domoney of Land Rover Owners magazine explains how...

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Defender 110 Tree Sliders Fitting Guide

Protect your Defender 110’s flanks with this tree slider upgrade. Martin Domoney of Land Rover Owners magazine explains how...

  • Tools & Kit: Basic toolkit; Pick; Tape measure; Torque wrench; Hammer; Punch; Marker pen; Drill and bits (vehicle dependent)
  • How Long? Three hours
  • How Difficult? 2/5 - Easy
  • Product: Shadow Defender 110 Tree Sliders Black (pair)
  • Safety Advice: Wear eye protection when using a drill, and when working under vehicles.

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2017 Land Rover Discovery 5 Launching This February

Revealed at the Paris Motor Show late in 2016, the new 2017 Land Rover Discovery 5 is due to hit in February this year. We have a round-up for you of some of the early prototype reviews, giving you an idea of what to expect when the new Discovery lands.


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Differentials: A Technical Briefing

When equipping a vehicle to go off-road you soon realise that equipment designed to maintain forward motion falls into two categories.

The first is the 'get you out at all costs' group. This includes items such as powered winches, which can sometimes contribute to getting stuck in the first place, because of their high weight. Nevertheless they are very useful tools for getting yourself out of a problem. Other items in this group are aggressive, off-road-only, tyres, and kinetic recovery ropes. All these items are carried by people who are prepared to get stuck and be faced with the consequences — in other words, digging! Their chosen route is less likely to be dictated by suspect areas which
others might wish to avoid, particularly solo vehicles.

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The Benefits of Zinc Galvanisation on Land Rovers

The motor industry has tried all manner of coatings to protect vehicles against rust, with varying degrees of success. The relatively thin steel sections of car bodies mean that the ravages of water, grit and salt can soon wreak havoc on them.

An unprotected steel bumper which is rusting. Unprotected steel will always succumb to the corrosive effects of moisture.

Vehicles which don't have a separate chassis but rely on a monocoque body for their structural integrity can be destined for an early grave if not adequately rustproofed. The use of low technology surface coatings in the early years of monocoque production meant that most such cars were lucky to survive more than 10 years.

The introduction of the MoT test highlighted the problem, particularly when corrosion damage had been done around weight-bearing areas such as sills and suspension mountings. Not surprisingly, many companies sprang up during the 1960s and '70s offering a thorough rustproofing treatment, but the benefit of such products was sometimes questionable. Treating a new car might increase protection, but applying rustproofer to a used vehicle often only succeeded in masking existing corrosion and locking in already present moisture.

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