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Land Rover Defender Parts & AccessoriesA classic mixture of rugged styling and off road durability, the Land Rover Defender has become synonymous with off roading at its finest. Originally launched in 1983 as simply the Land Rover 90 and Land Rover 110, the models would later become the Defender in 1990 after the launch of the Discovery range. Although the Land Rover Defender is no longer produced, it is held in high regard by off road enthusiasts and is still a sought after vehicle to this day.

Here at First Four Offroad we can supply a wide range of Land Rover Defender parts and accessories. Whether you are looking for replacement LED lights, seat covers, roof racks, tow ropes, winches or even stickers and merchandise, we are certain that we have a part for you. If you can't find the part you are looking for, we will always try to source it for you.

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Our Most Popular Defender Parts & Accessories

Our Most Popular Defender Parts & Accessories

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The history of the Land Rover Defender

The 'Defender' model of Land Rover was originally introduced in 1983 as the "Land Rover One Ten", and in 1984 the "Land Rover Ninety". The "Land Rover 127" (later becoming the 130) was also introduced in 1983. The numbers represented the respective wheelbases in inches. The Land Rover 90 and 110 originally replaced the Series model, and at the time of its launch, the Range Rover was the only other model in production. From 1991, the models became known as the "Land Rover Defender 90" and the "Land Rover Defender 110."

From the outside, the new Defender model is visually similar to its predecessor, the Series III. A full-length bonnet, revised grille, plus the fitting of wheel arch extensions to cover wider-track axles were the most noticeable changes. Mechanically, there were a few updates and modernisations, inculuding the addition of Coil Springs; a permanent 4 wheel drive system with 2-speed gearbox; one-piece windscreen; a more poweful engine; and a modernised interior.

Engine Development

The Defender model has had a number of engines over the years - starting with a 2.25L petrol and diesel engine derived from the Series model. The following engines have been used since the models inception:

2.25L 11H petrol I4 (1983–1985), 2.25L 10J diesel I4 (1983), 2.5L 11J/12J diesel I4 (1984–1993), 2.5L 17H petrol I4 (1985–1993), 2.5L Diesel Turbo turbodiesel I4 (1986–1990), 3.5L Rover V8 petrol V8 (1983–1986), 3.5L Rover V8 petrol V8 (1986–1993).

End of an Era

In October 2013, Land Rover announced that the Defender model would cease production in December 2015, marking 32 years of production for Land Rover's most well known model. The last Defender, a soft-top 90 model, rolled off the Solihull production line at 9:22am on Friday 29 January 2016. Land Rover are reportedly due to release a modernised, upgraded Defender model in 2018/2019.